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1,10 €
1,10 €
check_circle Άμεσα διαθέσιμο

Για μικρότερες πόσοτητες οι τιμές διαφοροποιούνται.

Baptism invitation for a boy with the theme of the knight and the dragon in blue shades.

Invitation price without / with card
for pieces 50-70: 1.20 € / 1.60 €
for pieces 71-unlimited: 1.10 € / 1.50 €

The price includes:
Printing, tying and model
You receive the invitation just as you see in the picture.
You can choose the text with the font and the color of your choice.
Παρακαλούμε επιλέξτε ποσότητα

The invitation has an envelope measuring 13.5 × 21cm on dark blue matte paper 220gr. The inner card is printed on white matte paper 250gr. The invitation has a 7.5 × 5.5cm shield-shaped cutting card printed on the same subject.

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